Chronic Pancreatitis Treatment


Pancreas is a digestive organ that helps in control of blood sugar level & digestion of food particles. Chronic pancreatitis is also called pancreatic stone disease. In this condition, pancreatic duct becomes narrow & stones form inside the pancreas. It

Pancreatic stones & stricture in Pancreatic duct

Pancreatic stones

Stones & stricture in Pancreatic duct

Dr Harsh Shah - Chronic Pancreatitis specialist

chronic pancreatitis treatment

Dr Harsh Shah is one of the leading pancreas stone specialist in India. He has a broad experience in

chronic pancreatitis treatment

& has treated hundreds of patients with pancreatic stones. Management of pancreas stones or chronic pancreatitis involves early diagnosis & proper treatment. The diagnosis is performed with CT Scan, MRCP & EUS. The treatment involves removal of stones & strictures either with ERCP/stenting or with operation.

Symptoms of Pancreatic stones

Pain is the most common symptom of chronic pancreatitis. Pain is caused by blockage of pancreatic duct & presence of stones within pancreas. Some patients will also suffer from weight loss & oily stools.

Symptoms of Pancreas Stones

Symptoms of Pancreas Stones

Latest technologies

The diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis is performed by CT Scan & MRCP. EUS, also called endoscopic ultrasound can diagnose even the earliest cases. ERCP, also called Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio Pancreatography is used to to place a stent in head of pancreas.

ERCP - Biopsy, stenting, Stone removal


Biopsy, stenting, Stone removal
EUS - Diagnosis, Biopsy, Stenting


Diagnosis, Biopsy, Stenting

Chronic Pancreatitis Treatment

Treatment for pancreatic stone disease involves accurate diagnosis for need for surgery by a chronic pancreatitis specialist. Operation may be offered as a one time cure from pain for the chronic pancreatitis treatment.

Pancreatic surgeries

Three types of operations are performed by the chronic pancreatitis. Frey's procedure, cystogastrostomy & distal pancreatectomy. The narrowed pancreatic duct is bypassed in Frey's procedure. In cystogastrostomy operation, fluid collection is drained in stomach. In distal pancreatectomy, the diseased part of pancreas is removed.

Frey's Procedure - Removal of stones with bypass

Frey's Procedure

Removal of stones with bypass

Pancreatic Surgeries

Distal Pancreatosplenectomy

Distal Pancreatosplenectomy

Removal of distal body/tail of pancreas